A contact centre agent’s new role


We all know the feeling. You call an agent but are put on hold and don’t get the answers you need. Service centres might be good at dealing with formalities such as applications, subscriptions and monitoring, but we want more. We need help and an answer now. The reason we don’t get it yet is that back office processes are still stuck in silos and the agent is not trained in offering full, all-in service. The agent can provide better service if information is shared across organisations and services are de-compartmentalised.

Social media allow us more influence

We share knowledge. Crowd surfing provides answers and we ask for help or re-tweet on twitter. The use of smart phones and tablets has further increased the use of social media. It also provides us with new mobile services. Athlon Car Lease offers an app showing you the cheapest petrol station in your area. They deploy the information drivers generate with every refuel. Shared Service Centres could profit most from the new possibilities. Sharing knowledge and information are key elements. We will share knowledge, data and services across organisational boundaries. New services are born from sharing and enriching data and knowledge.

A contact centre agent´s new role 

The agent has access to a broad spectrum of non-compartmentalised information that gives him or her a full view on the customer. Sharing and services will gain new meaning in the next generation Shared Service Centres. And where will that centre be?  The formal Centres will finally disappear. Shared Service Centres will turn into Shared Service Communities.

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